Challenges of Retirement

The changes in retirement have intensified the issues future retirees face.

Here are some of the basic challenges that could affect your retirement income security:

Timing/withdrawal rate

Having to withdraw income during a drastic market downturn can have a dramatic impact on your future retirement income security, and affect the ability to continue withdrawals at similar levels previous to these downturns.


With people and especially those of retirement age living longer, healthier lives, retirement could conceivably last for 30 years or more. In that case, there is every possibility that retirees - or their spouses - could outlive their income.

Inflation and taxes

Inflation constantly erodes purchasing power through increased costs, while taxes reduce the potential of investable earnings.  Both of which can easily rise very quickly, due to foreseen and unforeseen events in our economy and the world at large.

Asset allocation and Guarantees

Careful consideration of asset allocation can help reduce the volatility (or degree of fluctuation) of the overall portfolio.  Investments which offer guarantees of income and protection against market downturn can be of paramount importance, especially during the period of our lives when we are using income from retirement investments to meet our needs.

Health care expenses

The statistics as to the rise in these costs and how many people incur them are staggering.  Along with these increasing expenses of care, no one is certain if, when, or how much may be needed.  The good news is Health and Medicare Insurance is an integral part of our practice, and we offer many solutions with multiple carriers to provide a suitable plan for our clients health care needs.